If I can’t come to Australia, I let Australia come to me

Well, today I’m going to blog in english, so a particular person can read this. I’m sure this is okay with you all, and if not… well, next time, it’s going to be german again, promise.

This particular person is Jess by the way, she is an Australian couchsurfer who spent two nights on my couch. And I have to say it was wonderful! From the moment Jess walked in, I felt like travelling  myself. First of all, she has this australian accent, wich reminded me of the great great time I had last year, and then, we had this typical couchsurfing conversations, about the politics in different places, about society, travelling in gerneral and philosophy.

While travelling, you’ll just have time to think about everything, you see things differently and you get another perspective on life. You open your mind to other cultures, other opinions, life is just far more interesting.

But what I’m trying to say in so many words is: It’s not easy, knowing, that travelling is not an option for me at the moment, because of time, money and work, so, i did the next best thing I could do. I invited a nice person into my home, had lots of fun and for a short time felt, like travelling myself. The great thing is, that I bet, for Jess it was great too, or at least I hope so. Not sleeping at a hostel for once, eating a home cooked meal, having a nice shower, washing the cloths and making a connection with someone that will probably be remembered for a long time.

Well, I hope Jess enjoyed her stay as much as I did, and we’ll see each other again some time.


Jess with her new friends in the Prater of Vienna

What I want to say to my readers? Open your minds and homes to travelers! You will not regret it!

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